Bighorn Clydesdales Heading

Oreo, Tiffany and her stud foal, at Bighorn Clydesdales

Twenty miles north of Norquay, SK, near the small community of Swan Plain lies the home of Bighorn Clydesdales.

South of the expansive Porcupine Provincial Forest, the Bighorn District has been my home for over twenty years.  It is here that I have been raising Clydesdales since the summer of 1999.

I received my first mare Boulder Bluff Samantha from my good friend and mentor Greg Gallagher of Donegal Clydesdales.  Raising Samantha from a yearling to a beautiful, sweet tempered mare has sown seeds of passion for these gentle giants that has grown substantially over the years.

Raising mainly exquisite blacks, a number of prominent bays, and a few distinct roans each member of my equine family has the Bighorn Clydesdale trademark personality - a well mannered horse that is very approachable and a horse that respects a gentle hand taking the lead.

Some of the Bighorn bloodlines include siring from such prominent studs such as Donegal Joe Nine Lives, Cal-Eden Major Blue, and Donegal Dr. Pepper.

My website illustrates my entire family of studs, mares and yearlings.  I am more than happy to provide first hand viewing of my herd if you would like to come for a visit.  My door is always open and I love good Clydesdale conversation.

I truly hope you like what you see here.  Lacey Unterschute